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3D Animation Glossary : A

3D : Its basically Three-Dimensions graphic view of any part of body or even space that have width, length and Breath .

Algorithm : It’s a procedure following which we can get designated results , in 3D animation terms are algorithm used for generating texture , rendering images and controlling behavior or motion of any object by calculating mathematically .
Alpha Channel : Top 32-bit pixel which mainly used for other type of calculation besides generating color for image , its contains mask data which is used for separating an image from background which can be used for composition .
Ambient Light: Illumination level which generating artificially and representing infinite diffuse reflections from all surface wihin 3D scene , making possible that even surface without direct illumination become
visible to the user.
Animation: Process which create illusion of movement by projection of a still image series called frames. Sometimes its refer collection of techniques for making an 3D animation films and controlling object motion and camera for making a shot or scene in a animated move. More specially animation is keyframe animation , in which artist sets objects positions at certain key points in a action of scene and computer calculated their intervening positions through a
process of interpolation or ‘inbetweening’,and proceduralanimation, in which the motion is controlled automatically via a series of mathematical formulae.
Animatic : Basically its nothing but be rough sketch or even animation that give animator some idea about timings of sequence for making animated storyboard .
Anti-aliasing : Method of reducing or preventing rendering art facts by using color information to simulate a higher screen resolution .Basically process of softening the unnaturally precise or stepped edges (sometimes known as ‘the jaggies’) created when a computergenerated
object is placed against a contrasting background by using pixels of intermediate shades as a buffer between the two.
Aperture : While we taking about real camera size or openings that light passes through ( knows as f-stop) in order to reach the film. Larger the f-stop smaller the opening. Sometimes Animation software make you able to mimic the effects of different aperture settings on a record images
Aspect Ratio : Ratio between width and height of an image of making an image. Common aspect ratio for broadcast images is 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen.
Axis :A hypothetical linear path around which an object can be rotated, or across which it can be mirrored. In the Cartesian co-ordinate system, the three world axes, X, Y and Z (width, height and depth) define directionality within the 3D universe. Hence, a co-ordinate of (0,0,0) defines the origin of the world.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008


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