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3D Animation Glossary : D

Tej Kohli Animation career help brings letter D for define.Lets See Tej Kohli 3D animation glossary.

Deformer: It is a modeling tool which is basically used for deforming the structure of an entire object , but the actually means can be vary software to software packages.
Displacement Map : Black and white image which 3D software packages projects on model surface for generating surface details like that Bump Mapping , but the noticeable difference between Bump and Displacement Map is that its modifies the actual underlying geometry and is not merely a rendering effect.
DOF(Depth of Field) : It’s a specific lens range of acceptable focus behind and in front of primary focus setting .It is basically a function which measure distance between from the lens to the primary focal plane and of the chosen aperture. Big apertures having narrow depth and small aperture have big depth.
Decal : Also known as Texture basically are 2D pixels image stamped on the surface of 3D patches which add reality into models .Some example of Decal are color, Bump, transparency, reflectivity, diffuse, specular, ambiance, mirror, gradient and Cookie Cut.
Basically decal defines how A:M interprets the pixel information in the image.
Default Bone : Each and every model consist one bone which is default ‘Model Bone’ unless and unit you will not add any other new bone. Default bone defines the ‘origin’ or ‘zero-position’ of the model when we work in Choreography.
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Monday, June 23, 2008


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