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3D Animation Glossary : F

Tej Kohli defines 3D animations mostly used technical terms which are started with Word ‘F’. Comprehensive guide for making career in 3D animation by Tej Kohli.

Face: The face usually defined as back and front of extruded object. Basically object which is used to make an 3D extruded object.
Fall-off : Basically it cab be di\fibed as diminishes of light intensity while the distance increase from the source . In matically its can be calculated inverse square law .that states “intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.” But while we are considering 3D animation Fall-Off we have to do different type of calculations .

F-Curve : It’s an abbreviation of Function curve which is displayed in the Graph editor of 3D Software package which is used in animation process in many times like display and to control a particular attribute of an object with in different time frame
File Format : 3D object scene or or data making up in which format is stored are called File format . Basically now a day s only two types of 3D file format are available for storing object ,
like LWO which is also known as LightWave and the next one is 3DS format in 3ds max , containing geometry details and object surface properties. LWS and MAX are basically equivalents, because both contain global information about lighting animation and camera data .Some other widely used 3D Animation file format are DXF and IGES which are used in CAD and NURBS models .OBJ object format and cross platform FBX format developed by Kaydara for the interchange of motion data between 3D applications.
Flythrough : It is special type of animation in which camera moves around the scene, usually objects moving infront of stationary camera.
Forward Kinematics: It is also known as FK , which is character animation techniques used for controlling motion of bones in a chain , lets imagine a limb , for that rotation propagate from bone to bone towards the free end of the chain.
Frame: Frame is basically are two dimensional image , but while we are discussing in computer term . its be nothing but be ‘frames per second’ (fps) which measurement of number of images which be displayed per second to give the impression of moving image .Some features of Frames are film work, this value is usually 24; for the European PAL broadcast format, 25; and for the US NTSC broadcast format, 30 fps.

F-Stop The common term for the aperture setting (f-number) of a lens; the f-number is equal to the focal length of a lens divided by the diameter of the aperture
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Thursday, July 17, 2008


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