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3D Animation Glossary : H

Tej kohli want to make young generation to choose their own way and having skills which according to market needs and requirement. Tej Kohli 3D animation glossary brings some technical terms which starts with word H.
Hard-Body Dynamics : Basically it has many meaning and know as many other words like some times pounced as rigid-body dynamics , hard body dynamics which can be used to simulate the
physical behaviour of rigid objects that do not deform upon collision.
Hardware Rendering : Sometimes called as display rendering , a 3D scene within the viewports on a 3D software which is basically hardware rendering preview. Which used for providing real time on-screen feedback about the effects of changes makes to the scene and omit processor intensive effects like volumetrics, shadowing and realistic refraction.
HDRI : Basically HDRI stands for ‘High Dynamic Range Image ‘ and which is a 2D image which used in a file format with greater range of luminance values which is greater than a standard Bitmap image HDR images are often used as environment maps in image-based lighting techniques to create subtle, real-world lighting effects.
Hierarchy : When we describe a model then the relationship between sub-objects , as like one scene to another scene . Existence of any sub-objects classifies as parents , children or even independents . There are motion in such a way that parents objects can effect child objects but child effects cannot affect parent objects.
History : While an 3D scene is created many object values had been changed as a record of the previous values of the object had saved and enable user to get previous view of the scene . This is called 3D animation objects history and most valuable during modeling process.
Hull : A series of straight lines connecting the CVs of a NURBS surface.
HDR/Rendering/HDRR: Also know as ‘High Dynamic Range ‘which is using for rendering 3D compute graphics scene by using lightning calculations done in high definition range . Basically it is new lighting model used to illuminate 3D worlds. Video and computer games and many animation movies for creating more realistic scenes than with conventional lighting models.
Heightmap : For three-dimensional data , grayscale image is used . Mostly used in bump mapping , displacement mapping and for for terrain mesh generation. . In a heightmap, the intensity of a pixel's color represents the height displacement of the mesh's corresponding coordinate. A white pixel represents the highest point in the map while a black pixel marks the lowest point in the map.
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Thursday, July 31, 2008


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