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The Four Elements Wallpapers by Brazilian Illustrator CrisVector

Wonderful vector art wallpaper set of the four elements: fire, water, air & earth. CrisVector aka Cristiano Siqueira is a 29 year old vector artist from Brazil. CrisVector started his career as illustrator for magazines, books and CD covers. Today, Cristiano is a full time designer, producing packaging design, illustrations for publishing, advertising, web design and other commissioned works that need to be illustrated. CrisVector regurgitated the classic "Elements" theme into his own personal take with 4 beautiful character illustrations...

In Cristiano's works, you can see a big impact of his favorite artist, Salvador Dali. CrisVector seems to have inherited the surrealistic mood and irreverent humor of the imaginative genius. Other artists that influenced Cristiano are Toulouse Lautrec, Audrey Beardsley, Kandinsky, Dave McKean and H.R. Giger. You can find more works by this superbly talented graphic design & illustration artist on his website.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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