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Yamaha Motor Canada 2010

Yamaha Motor Canada 2010

The RS Vector has been about the most reliable snowmobile ever built, not to mention one of the best handling sleds on the snow! For 2010 our goal was to improve the RS Vector every single aspect.

To start there is a new version of the Genesis 120 FI (Fuel Injected) engine... a 3 Cylinder, 1050cc, 4-Stroke based on the Nytro. However… like the Venture GT, this engine is tuned specifically for trail riding, so it's super smooth with a lot of low-rpm torque. It has more power and torque throughout the entire power curve. Power delivery and clutch engagement are so smooth, this engine feels almost electric.

Of course with fuel injection, cold starting is a breeze. You just turn the key. There's no choke to worry about. And this engine actually gets about 5% better fuel economy than the carbureted Vector!

It also has Yamaha's exclusive E.B.R.S., or Engine Braking Reduction System. This system allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when you let off the throttle, allowing the sled to coast a little. You still get the advantage of some engine braking, but on/off throttle transitions are much smoother making the sled even easier to ride.

There is an updated new Monoshock II rear skid frame. The Monoshock RA is already known to be one of the most comfortable and easy to adjust rear suspensions in the industry. Most of the changes are geared towards improving convenience, reliability and durability. There's a stronger rear axle shaft, needle bearings on front arm pivot at the rail and the idler wheels are from the Venture GT so you can replace the bearings.

Up front you'll find the Aluminum piggy-back HPG GYTR shocks with both compression and rebound damping adjustments.

The digital gauge has been updated to include a clock, dual trips, low fuel trip indicators, and even an oil change reminder system. And we've added the auxillary RCA CD outlet to plug a heated visor in to. There are even new "hotter" grip warmers with a new insulator.

Combine all of these new features with what is arguably our best handling sled, and you've truly got the complete package. Ideal for short quick trips or all-day trail riding.

While the new RS Vector might not run down an Apex on the lake, there isn't much else the Apex can do better!

Monday, January 11, 2010


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