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VIDEO DESIGN - only in English

The course in Video Design, taught only in English, trains professionals who will work closely with the production of images in the audiovisual field. A figure capable of not only personalizing and reinforcing a television programs identity but also able to create a visual personality with projects not related to television, such as music, artistic, fictional videos or documentaries.

The video designer is able to analyze and administer problems, create solutions, atmospheres and emotions through visualization. Precisely for this reason they must know how to use the technological tools and have a deep understanding for the languages and mediums that this profession is based on.

Throughout the duration of the three-year course the students share professional experiences with their professors, who are all actively working in their fields. This contact helps the student gain a strong transversal project culture, covering both theoretical and specific technical aspects. The course culminates with the final thesis project, where the students come up with concrete solutions presented by real companies.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


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